Glowing, Flushed, Blushing or just plain boiling: Pick the best blush for you!

I recently asked my nearest and dearest to tell me about beauty related topics they would like to know more about and I was pleasantly surprised by the responses,

as it showed me how much thought the average lady puts into their beauty regime. I’m hoping the range of topics I cover over the next few weeks will help you all

make more informed choices at the cosmetics counter, boost your confidence and up the fun-factor in your daily routine.


‘How to choose the right blusher for your skin tone’ is a question that was sent my way. Well ladies, the most straight-forward answer I have ever found is in the ‘Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual’- her opinion is that the best methodology is to choose the colour that’s closest to your cheek colour when you’re flushed from having  done a bit of exercise.

When you go shopping, select 4-5 of your favourite shades and hold them up next to your face to see which shade adds a brightness and doesn’t dull you down, or  appear clown-like (We all love the circus, but hey, there’s a limit…) If you’re unsure about whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, ask the person in the cosmetics store to help you as this will impact your colour choice massively.


As with everything to do with makeup, this is a subjective opinion as YOU will be the person wearing this so you need to feel comfortable.


As a person who blushes easily and can get very hot I’m always weary when applying blusher as I may want to appear ‘hot’ but looking like I have just walked over

coals is not so hot! If you have a natural warmth in your cheeks, a percentage of this will come through your foundation, dependent on how sheer your coverage is.


Blush is so fun and creative and comes in many shades nowadays, so I recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new, whether it is a blusher

with a coral undertone or one with a slight shimmer. The most important thing is to ensure that your blusher works with any bronzing, highlighting or contouring

products you may like using. As with foundation, I recommend asking your assistant at the beauty counter to recommend a tone, apply it for you and wear it for a

full day before you commit to the purchase.


Amazingly, you can even use an eyeshadow as a blusher- when we were studying makeup, our lecturer showed us how to warm an ethnic face by using a bright orange

eye-shadow as a blush replacement- the results were just gorgeous!


Further to the debate on colour, there are several formula’s to consider, and I have outlined them below:


Powder: This is the one most of us are familiar with, it’s user-friendly and works for all skin types.

Gel: This is absent from my own personal kit but packs a powerful punch when it comes to colour. Blending can be difficult and is only recommended for those with

a really smooth skin.

Cream: This goes on nice and smoothly, is a rich formula recommended for dry skins and I always prefer to use this formula on mature skins too. For anyone looking

for a healthy glow, I advise you use a cream blush.

Cream/Powder: This unique formula goes on as a cream but has a powder finish and is suitable for all skin types, this is fairly user-friendly and can be compared

to a foundation with a powder finish.

Chubby Sticks: Best friends to the ‘girl on the go’, these sometimes double up as a lip colour so it’s really worth finding a good one. Also with a creamy

consistency, you glow girl!


When you consider which consistency you prefer, bear in mind your other daily products.

Do you use a face powder or a liquid foundation? Keep in mind that all powder products will mattify your skin and highlight fine lines while drying out your

complexion. On the flip side, using a liquid foundation with a contour stick, liquid highlighter and a cream blush may be too much liquid for one skin and the

colours may start to blend making you look, in all honestly, just a little grubby.


My personal preference is a liquid foundation set with a translucent powder and fixing spray, helped along with some powder bronzer/ contour colour, a cream blush

and a mixture of cream and powder highlighters.


I hope you find your ‘true’ colour and enjoy showing it off!

Over & Out!