Trials: The Good; The Bad & The honest!

A makeup trial is exactly that: a trial session allowing an artist & their potential client to get together & discuss their makeup needs while doing a ‘trial run’- this is the time when your artist examines your features and skin and creates a look just for you, based on both your complexion and personal style. Makeup trials for Brides have been commonplace for many years, and it’s becoming increasingly popular to have trials for other special occasions such as Matric Dances.

I’ll admit I was skeptical when I first heard this a few years ago (Also prior to knowing much about makeup professionally ;-)… I thought, ‘you’re young, you’re beautiful, what can you possibly need a trial for? The makeup will be perfect!

How silly was I???

Simply put, a trial allows you to try out the look you like & realise if it will really work on you. It also allows you the time to fill your artist in about your outfit; theme, colours & accessories which will get their creative juices flowing! It gives them an opportunity to work with your skin and see how to draw out your best features & what steps may be needed to conceal any flaws. Further to the physical, you and your artist can get to know each other better, which will put you at ease on your big day.

See below for my list of Do’s, Don’ts and Top Tips!



• Have images of makeup looks you admire as this will give the artist a starting point

• Alert the makeup artist about any skin allergies or intolerance’s you have

• Invite a friend or your mom to the preview- it’s always fun to get a second opinion

• Speaking of opinions, voice yours! This is your chance to say what you may not exactly LOVE about the look- if you’re too shy to speak up, the makeup artist will assume you’re happy with it

• Have an open mind- sometimes they may want to try something that isn’t off one of your Pinterest boards, but it could turn out great

• Take into consideration what the occasion is. A ruby red lip is divine but can be a hindrance when going in for the smooch on your big day! *Don’t be entirely discouraged, as a good artist will be able to create a matte lip that shouldn’t transfer to your new hubby

• Share photos- if you’re a photo fundi, share your best makeup pics with us, we just love proof of our work

• Have an open mind- certain faces, eyes and lip shapes can carry off the looks others of us pine over. If you ask your artist to try something they don’t think will suit you, they will usually explain why. If you’re still torn, ask them to try it anyways and you can then make an informed decision

• Wear your makeup for a few hours, get comfortable with it and test how well it wears.



• Be too set on makeup matching an outfit, although clothes are a great way to mirror or compliment your look, makeup is often guided by skin tone, eye colour and other factors- everything not matching is not a crisis

• Be late- bear in mind that your artist may have more than one trial scheduled for a day, so although there is usually a lot of time cut out just for you, try and be considerate

• Try take selfies every step of the way. At the point between colour correction and foundation, you may look a little pale, so be patient and await the final product- I promise it’s worth it

• Obsess about blemishes or break-outs, every skin has problems and we’re taught to work with them!


Top Tips

• Have fun with your makeup, it was created to enhance your looks and bring out our creative side

• Ask questions- makeup artist’s love spreading the wisdom and you may pick up some handy tricks

• Try and have your hair trial on the same day, so you can get a really good idea of the entire ‘look’- bring along your jewellery to complete the picture.


Over & Out!